Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Man oh man don't be envious of my life (today).

Driving to work this morning to a job I loathe I get struck by another motorist (term "motorist" used lightly). I'm in the "#1" lane on La Cienega and this woman is about to cut me off from the "#2" lane. I slam on the breaks and lean on the horn. My car stalls. She bumps me not too hard. If the altercation ended there it would not be news worthy, but it does not end there. After this woman bumps me she decides (I assume) in that split second that she is not sticking around to take responsibility for her actions. Whilst bumping up against my car, this woman accelerates and shatters the light cover over my left headlight. Remember, attentive reader, my car is stalled. She drives away, through the light that is about to turn and before I can start my engine or read her license plate she turns and is gone.

Car damage: minimal
Ego damage: moderate
Psychological damage as it relates to my declining affinity for Los Angeles: extreme

On an unrelated note, because I don't just share things on google reader without being earnest (except sometimes) I went to the refurbished sizzler on Sepulveda near the Howard Hughes Center last night. I got to say, I was impressed (and full!) and Laura and I made it out of there under $30 with tax and tip.