Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today is the first day...

So here are things I enjoy:

1. Photography

2. Sports

3. Movies

4. Wine

5. Autonomy

Today I signed up for a writing class at "UCLA Extension" (a side benefit of this may or may not by similar to that of Extenze). I'm not going to notify my employer, even though this class will probably conflict with my work schedule every Wednesday for two months. I got home from work yesterday thoroughly pissed off at my life so I broke out the version of Final Draft 7 that I'm continually thankful Mark Lapadula finagled me into purchasing 3 years ago. I loaded that bitch up and started writin'. I'm going to begin my writing career chronicling my experience as a successful one man business. It will be like The Wire for the Ivy League set (hopefully).

If you remember any anecdotes or interesting moments in my brief but fortuitous career (like the time Tom and Dan came to visit New Haven, we went to Pepe's, and Tom couldn't stop talking about ditching NY to return to campus) send them along! Or else I'll have to become a wine drunk quirky high school sports photographer (AND WRITE A SITCOM ABOUT IT!)

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